...fresh pages - dry ice -
frostbitten fingers grip pen
warming to my task

deep in hot ink pot
the shy leviathon thought
I seek with the quill

black lines score cold white
as letters singe the paper
hissing steaming words

hook-shaped sentences
sharp-barb each paragraph shaft
harpooned at the beast

'til, shallow the pot,
unhidden inhabitant
yields to steely nib

more paper! more ink!
another fell bohemoth!
the chase re-begins...

Sometimes it takes a good deal of writing to catch a thought.
I sat down to compose one haiku, and here I am with a series of six!
I like to think, though, that each can stand alone.
Thanks Ronovan, for the prompt words 'singe' and 'deep'.

And thanks Sammi Cox for the challenge to write a haiku on the theme of new beginnings and for this prompt photo:


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